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Mobile Software for Export - Import, Manufacturing and Office Management

Snowwood provides an innovative mechanism to increase the productivity of the Import and export business units, by addressing customer pain points such as delay in customer communication, dependencies on human, human error, late and delayed communication, information restricted i.e. No information on demand.
We provide Mobile based system where your customers can just use their mobile to make orders, know about your new products, know about delivery status, automatic escalation, fix appointments, enquire a sales product or a sales agent, get instant prices thru sms without taking the pain of contacting any body and your system shall automatically monitor inventory control, monitor floor management, alert suppliers, alert agents, monitor employees, provide employee essential information on demand, automatically provide tasks, And you as a owner can get information thru voice and sms and on multimedia data on demand, about sales figures in your mobile, you can get customer status where ever you are in the world, you can get employee status, production status, ware house status, manufacturing status etc.
Using Mobile Your Customers can
Customers can book orders through simple SMS
Customers can send an SMS and query all your products
Customers can know their delivery status
Customers can fix appointments by SMS
Customers can get new product promotions automatically
Customers can post complaints/comments through SMS
Customers can get directions to the office
Customers can get office directory services
Customers can get list of services available
Get mobile bills/invoices
Customers can set reminders/alerts when a particular service/product becomes available
Customers can set delivery reminders
Customers can post free form remarks/queries
Customers can escalate problems/delays
Using mobile Owner/Managing directors
Where ever you are monitor sales agents, get to know their location, track your vehicles, get the routes takes by the sales agents, get to know if the trucks reached your customers on time using mobile.

Can set own schedules and calendar and reminders

Can set reminders to employees, customers, suppliers and agents

Can get order status

Can get pending orders

Can get customer Information

Can get sales projections and sales status

Can get complaints from customers/agents

Can get delivery information

Can get and set alerts based on escalation

Can get information on collections

Can get automatic sales man report

Can set task to the employees

Can get information on suppliers list and status

Can send memo or information to employees

Can approve /reject an employee request

Can broadcast to customers on product promotion

Can set reminders for payments

Can create various groups and send classified notices and information

Can broadcast information to sales men

Can provide information on salary deposit

Can get attendance information of employees

Can get prospect status

Can access contact of company directory

Can have short codes to send standard templates

Send greetings to all employees, customers on occasions automatically

Can send product promotions group wise

Automatically the system can send information products and services

Automatically can register customer orders and route it to appropriate sales men, agents and suppliers

System can automatically control inventory and stocks

Can automatically do sales tracking

System can automatically provide asset tracking

System can automatically provide purchase management

Can get employee records

Can get employee over all attendance

Can get information on local and international customers

Can do project management and work flow

If an order is place the system will automatically alert the appropriate employee in charge of ordering and alert the manufacturing unit, alert supplier accordingly

With the Mobile Employees can get

Can get task schedules

Can send sales projections

Can get company rules and policy

Can get attendance details

Can retrieve old circular

Can get purchase information

Can get inventory details

Can get office process

Can set reminders

Can set project meetings

Can get information on salary

Can send daily sales report

Can send a request for approval

Can get information from the office

Can send messages to a team/group

Can send H R leave forms thru Mobile

Can be a part of Workflow process

Can approve/ reject/ answer subordinates and supervisor request response

Can create Dynamic forms

Can fix appointments

Get salary payment details SMS

Use mobile features to provide task sheet and sales reports

Using a single Sms fill large and huge government forms and print them through mobile, remotely or locally


Owners shall send orders to suppliers based on Auto Inventory lookup

Owners shall send orders to Suppliers based on click of a button

Send remainders to suppliers on delivery

Send information on availability of stocks

Owners can send complaints to suppliers and escalate the complaints

Receive delivery reports

Send automatic reminders

Salient features

Accessible by any mobile any PC or any PDA

Support all network

SMS from any mobile

GPRS service through any GPRS support phone

IPAQ PDA support

Desktop support

WEB/internet access

Accessible globally

Graphics in certain mobile

Graphics in certain mobile

Using web send broadcast sms to your customers; using SMS send mails to your customers when you are not at office and many more

System Requirements

Intel Pentium IV PC, Windows XP operating system

Only software and GSM modem supplied by Snowwood Labs

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