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SWAP™ : Snowwood Wireless Application Platform

SWAP creates mobile based applications with networking and distributed computing capability. SWAP can create mobile based, client server applications and mobile based Peer to peer/Mesh type of applications.

SWAP components:

SWAP Server : SWAP is an Advanced Mobile Agent technology, which allows application servers to provide applications to Mobile devices, without programming the mobile device with specific application. The SWAP server has mobile agent, which provides a set of API to be used by the application servers to communicate to the mobile. With the API, the server side programs can dynamically create mobile based Graphical user interface, protocols, network interface, distributed computing technology, initialize and use mobile’s wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth, WLAN, IR etc

SWAP Application server : Application servers will use simple java or C++ or .net based API and it is the responsibility of the SWAP server to convert APIs to snowlets™ (over the air instructions) and provide call backs. Snowlets can carry voice, video, application execution code, GUI instructions, networking instructions, codec, in any direction and in any hop

Snowlet™ : These are XML based Man Machine Language which are sent over the air between SWAP server and Mobile having Snowlet runtime kernel. Snowlets can also create multimedia sessions based on SIP for VoIP sessions, video sessions, and the communication protocol between server and mobile. It is compliant to IETF, ETSI and ANSI protocols.

Snowlet runtime kernel in the mobile : Snowlet Runtime Kernel (software) in the mobile is a run time engine that accepts snowlets from the SWAP server. Depending upon the capability of the mobile it executes the snowlet after fine tuning specifically for the mobile. It adjusts the display, invokes appropriate interface to play multimedia, provides user interface as per mobile keypad . We support all Symbian, Pocket PC or smart phone, Linux, J2ME, Brew based phones.

Advantages of this Platform are:

1. Mobile need not store application software inside its memory.

2. All applications are downloaded over the air and are removed after the usage.

3. SWAP allows software developers to develop mobile independent software.

4.SWAP provides Extensive libraries for multimedia, location and personalization.

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