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Snowwood specializes in mobile enabling, distributed mobile networking technology, and provides products and solutions based on its innovative platform SWAP™  (Snowwood Wireless Application Platform).
Snowwood provides end user solution for industries as well as developer  package SWAP which can be used by application developers.
SWAP enables an existing PC based application, to mobile application, without having to add a single line of code in the mobile or downloading any domain specific application in the mobile. SWAP offers an innovative snowlet technology, which makes this possible. SWAP using snowlet technology to provide impressive GUIs and ultra fast processing in the mobile by just scripting in server which is java and .net compliant.

While mobile enabling, SWAP enriches the existing application server with technologies and enhanced state of the art features like location technology, multimedia technology, interactive communication technology, mobility, personalization, connectivity, smart user interface and security. Snowwood specializes on domains for mobile enabling such as logistics, commerce and fiancé, stock markets, corporate ERPs, intranet base workflow solutions, Fleet management and healthcare.


e-MicroFinance Software has modules to take care of a broad range of financial services such as deposits, loans, payment services, money transfers, business opportunity creation, early warning systems and insurance.

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A comprehensive ERP suite for Schools. Web enabled, Mobile enabled.

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Snowwood Training: For software houses Snowwood provides training on designing and developing application using SWAP APIs.



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